Freeway ML Feature Updates, November 4th

It was another busy week at Freeway ML. We've wrapped up our free beta period and launched paid account tiers. Thanks to all the early users who created many millions of images during our public alpha and provided valuable feedback! -- please check your accounts to receive a gift from our team :)


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💪 Generating a lot? We have paid plans!

As part of our next phase and to help cover the costs of running Freeway, we're launching new paid account tiers. Both an unlimited plan and a credit-based system are now offered.

Two processing lanes are included in the paid launch:

  • A credit-based "fast lane" for priority processing of requests for those who need their generations as fast as possible ⚡️
  • An "unlimited queue" for Plus users that want the freedom to generate as many images as they want. 🔥

We aim to keep the credit system simple; you'll use one credit every time you click "generate" in the credit-based processing lane. This means you'll get three 1024x1024 images for 1 credit. But if you prefer the freedom to generate as much as you want you can always upgrade to the Plus plan that include both credits and access to the unlimited queue.

Freeway will continue to offer a free plan with limited monthly credits for those who cannot pay. Please let us know if you have feedback on these plans!

👌 Application Polish

We're always working to improve common image generation workflows and make general quality-of-life improvements to the app. This week we've updated the app with the following:

  • Easily toggle through expanded Saved and Recent images without going back to the main view.
  • You can now delete an image from your history directly from the generation results screen
  • Trying to find + reuse an old prompt? Now you can easily copy prompts for old images from your Recents and Favorites views.
  • Doing masking on your images? We've improved our editor layout to ensure you can see the entire image you're editing.

✨ Visual quality improvements

We're continually updating Freeway's AI image generation engine to provide the highest quality results. Here are some changes we've made in the past week:

  • Generated images are now much less likely to show visual artifacts such as stock photo website watermarks, signatures, or other text.
  • We’ve improved the Enhance functionality provide additional control and precision when enhancing your generated images.

⚡️ That's all for this week. Keep on creating!

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