Freeway ML Feature Updates, September 30th

We've had a busy week with tons of new feature updates. Creators can now perform global actions on existing images, such as enhancing an image, creating variants, changing the image style, and passing in a prompt and an image.


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Thanks to everyone using the Freeway ML app over the past week. It's been a great week with tons of new creators signing up and testing the service.

We've also made some fantastic progress on the app experience. Here is a quick breakdown of the feature updates released this week!

Enhance an image

Enhance is an exciting feature that adds more detail to your images. Running your image through Enhance refines the level of detail and will often fix faces. When it works, this operation is pure magic!

Halle Berry as Catwoman
Baboon Playing Guitar

We're excited by this feature and have already seen users make this an essential part of their toolkit.

Style Badges

Anyone who has tried the Freeway app knows that one-click styles are a significant differentiator of our app. We've also seen the Random Style feature take off, where many users are delighted with a style they may not have chosen. Now we post a badge under the generated image to show which style our AI image generator applied to your prompt.

Style badges

If you click the badge, it will set the style in the prompt bar, and you can run the image generation process again to get new images in the applied style.

Apply a style to an image

Perhaps the AI image generator created an image in a pose you like, but you'd like to try the same image with a new style. Now it's possible to change the style of an image.

Cute Puppy Styles

Generate Variants of an Image

Perhaps Freeway has generated an image you like, but you want to generate some similar ones. Rather than rerunning the same prompt input, you can use variants and get more control. With Variation, we'll use the base image results as input in combination with the previous prompt to create a new image. Adjust the degree of creativity to get more varied results.

The resulting image variations:

Prompt + Image

Prompt + Image is a similar feature to Variants but enables more creativity. Start with an image, and adjust the prompt to vary the image. Once again, we'll use both the image and the prompt as inputs, giving creators more control over the output.

For this image the original prompt was "cute kitten" + Style: street art

We adjusted our prompt to "cute kitten with sunglasses" and also used the image in the prompt. We keep the image to prompt intensity in the middle (default)

The end result is we added sunglasses to our cat image!

Wrapping up

That's all for this week. May you all have a creative and productive weekend! Stay tuned for more updates next week.

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