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Free forever

Up to 105 images
35 fast-lane credits
Renews monthly!
No unlimited queue
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Free plan includes:

  • 3 Images per credit
  • 1024 x 1024 Images
  • Image Inpainting
  • Edit images with prompts
  • Image Styles
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12% OFF (Renews at $7) 🔥
Up to 750 images
250 fast-lane credits
$0.05 per credit over 250
No unlimited queue
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Includes Free, plus:

  • No Freeway watermark
  • Metered pricing at $0.06 per fast-lane credit
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20% OFF (Renews at $20) 🔥
Unlimited image generation
Access to unlimited queue
750 fast-lane credits for
jumping to the front of the line
$0.04 per credit over 750
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Includes Standard, plus:

  • Unlimited image generation and all image operations
  • Download 2K and 4K images
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I can do just variations or enhancements or style enhancements on just the face that it discovered with AI. That is definitely something that sets Freeway ML apart from the pack for sure. I have not seen that before, very surprising!

MattVidPro AI

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove the watermark?
A watermark is placed on all images generated under a free account. This helps protect from deepfakes and shows Freeway ML generated the image 🙏. The watermark is removed from downloads if you are in an active paid plan.
Is there a free version of Freeway ML?
Absolutely! We provide 35 free credits per month for you to use. These credits renew each month. Images generated on the free plan contain the Freeway ML watermark.
Do I own the images?
Free Plan
If you are on the free plan, the images generated will contain a Freeway ML watermark. You get commercial rights to your image; however, you are also granting Freeway ML a royalty-free license to the image and permission to share the image publicly (on social media, etc).

Paid Plans
Images generated on the paid plan won't contain the Freeway ML watermark. You'll have full commercial rights to the image, and Freeway ML will not share the image publicly without your consent.
What is the difference between Fast-Lane Credits and Unlimited?
We have two processing queues in our application.

1. The credit-based queue is our highest processing tier but is limited by the number of credits available in your account. Every plan has a finite number of credits.

2. The unlimited queue is available to users on the Plus plan, providing them the freedom to generate as many images as they want. The processing time for the unlimited queue can have more variability than the credit-based queue.
What if I change my mind?
Your Freeway ML Standard or Plus subscription can be cancelled at any time, without commitment.
Can I save my credits for next month?
New credits are issued at the beginning of each month. Unused credits from the previous month expire at the end of the month.

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