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Freeway ML Updates - December 29

We have a ton to talk about this week! A new CUSTOM AI MODEL which has been in the works for some time, USER PROFILE PAGES that let you showcase your published images, SIX new art styles, and a beta preview of new face animation features!

Freeway ML Updates - December 16

A big week of changes at Freeway ML! We just launched our new Community Feed, where you can publish your best images and see work created by others in the Freeway community. Our AI image engine has undergone another major update, and we rolled out an entirely new redesigned product website!

Freeway ML Feature Updates, December 4

Another week with some exciting new Freeway ML updates. We made a significant revamp to our Layers and Masking features in the app, rolled out more improvements to image quality and coherence, and the second major update to our “Zoom-Out” outpainting capability.

Freeway ML Feature Updates, November 23rd

Thanksgiving is here! We updated Freeway ML with six new art styles that we think you'll love, added support for UHD (2K and 4K) images, and a first in the AI image generation world--support for SVG vector graphics generation!

Freeway ML Feature Updates, November 18th

Another week of feature improvement to the Freeway ML app! This week we've added several new styles, improvements to the style selection tray, an experimental release of image outpainting, updated AI-generated masks, and an eraser tool for inpainting.

Freeway ML Feature Updates, November 11th

We released some dramatic improvements to image-to-image operations. The update improves Style changes, Variations, Prompt + Image, and Enhance operations to deliver a more consistent image pose and color palette. We've also launched our Discord bot, allowing linked users to generate images by typing /imagine.

Freeway ML Feature Updates, November 4th

It was another busy week at Freeway ML. We've wrapped up our free beta period and launched paid account tiers. Thanks to all the early users who created many millions of images during our public alpha and provided valuable feedback! -- please check your accounts to receive a gift from our team :)

Freeway ML Feature Updates, October 27th

We want to thank all the users that reached out to provide feedback. Thanks to your valuable insights, we've squashed several bugs improving inpainting results, resolved some issues in the Recent View for users with many images, fixed downloads for images with long prompts, and more. Please keep the feedback coming!

Freeway ML Feature Updates, October 20th

The Freeway web app now supports inpainting and AI-generated layers, providing you with the precision and control to create amazing custom imagery! We've also added usability features such as image search and faster loading.

What To Look For In An AI Image Generator

AI image generation has recently taken the world by storm, enabling people to enhance their creativity and productivity in ways previously thought impossible. There are many things to consider when choosing an AI image generator, and in this blog post we will discuss a bunch of different things you should keep in mind!

Freeway ML Feature Updates, October 6th

Another great week on the books. A warm welcome to all new users and a high five 🙌 to everyone using Freeway ML for the past two weeks. Check out the latest news and feature updates:

Freeway ML Feature Updates, September 30th

We've had a busy week with tons of new feature updates. Creators can now perform global actions on existing images, such as enhancing an image, creating variants, changing the image style, and passing in a prompt and an image.

How to get more out of Stable Diffusion with Freeway ML

Freeway ML is lowering the barrier to generating high-quality assets; we've engineered a solution and UI that makes it easy for even the newest users to get amazing results from open source AI Image Generation models.

The difference between Dall-E 2 and Dall-E mini (Craiyon)

Dall e 2 by Open AI and Dall e mini by Craiyon are two models people search for and are often confused because the names are so similar.

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