Freeway ML vs Craiyon

Have you used another AI image generator and need higher quality results? Freeway's AI image generation and editing tools enable you to achieve professional quality imagery with simple prompts and AI edits. Start a free account and give it a test drive.

Professional quality AI image generation

130+ Custom Styles enable creation of eye-catching images. Less prompt engineering, more creativity.

Sand Sculpture

"man wearing a cowboy hat holding a large beer, sand sculpture style"

"underwater cowboy standing next to a cactus"

“photo of Anthropomorphic goat wearing giant sunglasses sitting in a giant hot tub full of bubbling water”

“einstein as a space pirate, film still style”

Highest quality human faces

Freeway ML has some of the highest quality face generation in the industry! Big faces, small faces, multiple faces, we've got you covered! We even support AI face animation!

"cinematic still of a smiling 20yo woman wearing a hat standing on the beach wearing shorts"

Transform + Edit any uploaded image

We're more than just AI image generation! Freeway ML enables editing, transformation, outpainting, and more on your uploaded photos and artwork.

How does Freeway compare with Craiyon?




AI Image Blending
AI face video generation
Aspect ratios supported
Conversational editing
All generations indexed
Ability to search old generations
Community feed

I can do just variations or enhancements or style enhancements on just the face that it discovered with AI. That is definitely something that sets Freeway ML apart from the pack for sure. I have not seen that before, very surprising!

MattVidPro AI

Creative tools to generate amazing stuff

Simple one-click operations to carry your creations to the next level

Prompt + Image

Marry a prompt with your image to generate a combined result.


Create a variation of this image with more detail.

Style Transfers

Adjust the impact of your current Style or apply a new Style to the image.


Create new variations of an image.


Continue your image beyond its original borders with Zoom-Out and Outpainting.


Modify objects from any image with simple brush strokes.



Bring your image to life with AI animations.

Export production-ready assets

From high-quality AI image generation to professional ready-to-use assets

UHD images

Download your creations in 2K or 4K upscaled resolutions.

Remove image backgrounds

Instantly remove the background from any of your creations with just one click.

Download as SVG

Generate vector art usable in any professional SVG image editor.

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